Road Trip Bliss: Portugal’s Southern Coast


Portugal is made for wanderers. From the top of the Moorish remnants of Castelo de São Jorge, Lisbon cascades downhill in all directions, new paths beckoning at every turn. To the south, the 25 de Abril bridge spans the Tagus River, a ringer for San Francisco’s Golden Gate. Across the harbor, the outstretched arms of the “Cristo Rei” statue remind me of Rio.

I’m at once exhilarated and overwhelmed. Since arriving in the capital, my husband, Tim, and I had hopped trams and traipsed through the Alfama district, where the cobblestoned streets contort into knots. We had taken in the austerity of the Sé cathedral. We had woven around clubgoers in the Bairro Alto.

But even after the perpetual motion of the past few days, restlessness had started to seep in. Something about the city stirs up my need to move. It’s not just me: Legend goes that Lisbon got its start when Odysseus, the mythical Greek warrior, passed through, and vagabonds .…………………go on reading  at source:

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