The beautiful city of Caen in Normandy

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Normandy is a region of France located in the extreme north and overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. In this land you can visit places that are truly beautiful and unique, while culture and architecture that will amaze you. Let’s see how to visit this region and especially the city of Caen.


Caen, capital of the Department of Calvados and the region of Lower Normandy, is crossed by the Orne River. Although it was significantly restored after the damage caused during the Second World War, the town preserves some magnificent vestiges of its past. In fact, this was the place that William the Conqueror chose to build its magnificent castle in the eleventh century, a must-visit. It is still surrounded by its original massive ramparts.

Inside it, you can visit the Musée des Beaux-Arts, which was founded in the early nineteenth century and ………….. go on reading at source :

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