Saimaa: Exploring The Great Outdoors In Finland

By Josh Bender

The Saimaa region in Finland smacks of natural beauty.

Imagine a quiet, cold morning. There’s no wind and a solitude small bird infrequently chirping punctuates the blissful silence. The sun unhurriedly ambles up the horizon behind misty clouds. A duck passes by.

Taking a deep breath and you’ve realised you’ve been tainted with the cleanest, freshest air you’ve ever breathed. You can never breathe air the same way. Surrounding you are tightly packed trees as far as the eye can see, and an uninhabited shoreline wrapping around a bay. The only sign of man’s intrusion into this Garden of Eden is a wooden jetty and rowboat tied to a tree.

Gazing deeply, unblinking into the mirror-like waters, your mind begins to relax into state of incomparable calm. Time seems to slow down to a crawl and the rest of the world feels like a .……….. go on reading  at source :


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