Norway – a dream destination

By Paul Johnson  in Europe, Featured, Norway, Regions, Western Europe

We were invited by travel rewards currency Avios to tell them our favourite travel destination in Europe and as someone who is more at home with the countryside than city life, it probably comes as no surprise that my dream destination in Europe is one that is perhaps better known for its rural qualities than for any urban metropolises.


When asked by Avios for my “most inspiring destination” in Europe, therefore, I decided to choose Norway. Whether it be the fjords, the Northern Lights, the midnight sun or the

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Four monasteries in Ladakh you must not miss

If there is one word to describe Ladakh, it is breathtaking. And CEAT Tyres along with Mahindra Adventures are offering a ride into heaven with Monastery Escape. All you have to do is to tell them what you would do, if you get a chance to be part of the ten day road trip.

Diskit Monastery, Ladakh

Diskit monastery

Read here on how to participate in the contest – Win an expedition to Ladakh and Kashmir.

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Saimaa: Exploring The Great Outdoors In Finland

By Josh Bender

The Saimaa region in Finland smacks of natural beauty.

Imagine a quiet, cold morning. There’s no wind and a solitude small bird infrequently chirping punctuates the blissful silence. The sun unhurriedly ambles up the horizon behind misty clouds. A duck passes by.

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Why Colombia is the best country in Latin America

Today’s blog post comes from Flora Moffat who works at STA Travel’s headquarters in London

I know what you’re thinking. Isn’t Colombia a bit…well…dangerous?

I had to answer this very question every time I was asked where my next holiday was (which, when you work in travel, is a LOT). There are definitely a few rules here; don’t walk around late at night on your own with your SLR on your shoulder and your iPhone headphones in (but in what city is it okay to do that anyway?). Just be safe and cautious and you will experience one of the most fantastic places on earth.

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The beautiful city of Caen in Normandy

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Normandy is a region of France located in the extreme north and overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. In this land you can visit places that are truly beautiful and unique, while culture and architecture that will amaze you. Let’s see how to visit this region and especially the city of Caen.


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I Love Las Vegas

By Victoria Brewood  in BLOG, Destinations, North America, USA

Why I Love Las Vegas

Earlier this summer Three UK asked me to test out their Feel At Home service, which allows you to use your mobile phone abroad at no extra cost in 16 different countries.

When I looked at the list of countries the service is available in, I knew exactly where I needed to go- the USA.

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Reasons to Go to Ghana

by Viator Travel Team

Middle East & Africa, Places to Go, Things to Do, Travel Advice & Inspiration

For those looking to visit Africa, Ghana is a great place to start. Known as “Africa for beginners,” it’s the perfect destination for getting acquainted with this diverse continent. And that’s not the only reason to visit. Rich history, an upbeat culture, wildlife-filled parks and beautiful beaches are just a few other facets worth exploring. To help you plan your trip, here are 10 reasons to make Ghana, Africa, your next vacation destination.

Independence Square

The history

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